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I’m sure you believe that, “If the arabs put down their weapons today there would be no more violence,” but the fact of the matter is that Arabs did not start the six day war, Arabs did not expel Israelis who had lived their entire lives in Jerusalem, Arabs do not expand illegal settlements, Arabs do not bulldoze Israeli houses, Arabs do not limit food imports into Israel, Arabs didn’t use violence to suppress political speech such as flying a Palestinian flag, and Arabs are not instigating this conflict. The idea that “Israel didn’t fight back,” while they purposefully starved Palestinian civilians is patently absurd. You’re living in the center of human rights abuses and an apartheid state: educate yourself before you support bombing whole neighborhoods of human beings.

If you want to know what Palestinian life would become if they were to disarm, look no further than North America’s Lakota tribe. Without international intervention, the Palestinians face the same fate.

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I swear, if I hear one more, over-simplified “Why can’t we all just get along/they’re doing it to themselves” argument, I’m going to lose it. Please see this by Chris Hedges. Or watch this:

So you’ve seen television ads. Suppose there’s a television ad for a drug, or a car, or something. In a market society, what you would have is a description of the properties of the commodity because then you get what are called ‘informed consumers making rational choices.’ But that’s not what you get. What you get is forms of delusion because the business wants to create uninformed consumers, who make irrational choices. That is, they want to undermine markets. Which is very much like the political system. You want an electorate, which is uninformed and makes irrational choices under modern democracy, so the whole kind of ideology is so remote from reality that it’s almost impossible to discuss.

Noam Chomsky (via noam-chomsky)

(via noam-chomsky)